New Bangkok Airport Revisited Busses and Taxis

Recently the big news with Thailand’s new bangkok airport transfer is continued accusations of file corruption and that the new Bangkok airport has some serious flaws with the runways and some of the pcs. There is some concern as they are talking about moving some of the regional routes back to the old Bangkok airport this would be a major headache for travelers, as you could figure that a lot of people would miss routes that needed to transfer between the two airfields, which are on different sides of Bangkok which like LA is scientifically measured not in miles or mls, but time units based on day, time, weather, local events and witchcraft

Having been through the new airport many times now it seems to be working fine, on a project this size you would naturally anticipate that there would be teething pains. The first time that we experienced the new Bangkok airport my main criticism, besides being so ugly that you need sunglasses to dull the aesthetic pain a bit, was how to find the airport taxi stands. When you emerge from the arrivals it is all limos and rent taxis (which cost 5 times as much as a metered cab), with a bit of looking I found out that they are down one flight of stairs. On this trip with my uncles routes from LA due to arrive early I needed to learn how to get a bus to Pattaya quick. Deciphering the signage was not very productive, even the signage to find the information presentation area is hard to find. They do however have excellent signage if you are looking for employee parking, or where they cook the food for the routes or the water treatment plant. Call me silly, but it generally seems to me that not many people are looking for them when they get off a flight, but what do i know, maybe they are listed as attractions in the new Depressed Planet? Talking about water treatment plants, they don’t have enough bathrooms and the ones they may have are all ready flooded, Sorry I am talking about falling apart, you might want to consider going again on the aircraft before you get off or visit a gas station I am sure either option is going to be better that the bathrooms here.

Another surprise, this one pleasant, was on the arrivals level I picked up a free WIRELESS signal and got a few emails out and did a little surfing. Another pleasant surprise I was not expecting was being allowed to wait beyond the arrival gate, and not be required to wait in with the placard folks and fight for position with the pros. At the old airport they had an area ahead of you, and you had to get your loved ones quick before the airport taxi and limousine touts latched on to them, if you were too late you would be forced to pry your loved one from their very determined clutches. In closing all in all everything is just OK, but I really do have to say that with time this is still going to be butt ugly airport.

James Tittle has lived and worked in holiday vacation resorts his entire life, from Lake Genevas Playboy Club, as a rock jock for KSPN FM in Aspen Colorado, he became a PADI Pro Scuba Diver in Hawaii, diving on Maui, Kauai, Kona on the big island, and Waikiki on Oahu. He now owns EcoSea Dive in Sihanoukville Cambodia where he teaches SSI and PADI scuba courses and runs liveaboards in the beach of Thailand and Asia adventure tours.

Freds new project…. where he reviews cheap hotels, budget guesthouses, discount accommodations and cheap international routes, but is really an excuse to go scuba on holiday more, China is up next.


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