Love Composition for her

In the event it seems a little to late for you to take her back, take a little air, meditate and read this composition. I just now hope this sad love composition for her will touch your heart and realize how dear she is for you. And you should know that it is important to know the answer if you should take her back or you should not? Here’s a sad love verses for her from you.

Can i take her back, or can i not?


I’m asking myself one thousand times, If our once sweet love still have a chance. With the broken hearts and minds, and our tortured mind, Seem hard to heal such as an open injure.


Watch the burning connections in between, There’s no more way to take you in. It blurs our hope burns everything, What more is there, but allow it end.


The smoke is the sky is black, That left me wondering in the dark. Like walls that part and make a distance, Means never will your love be back.

If there will probably be no memory, That brings my mind to yesterday. I am certain I will be fine one of these days, And start warring a brand new way.


I hope that years would speed away, To remove duplicate content the past life’s history. For in my head, wow! so heavy, I couldn’t bear a single day.


But there’s one thing I know for certain, That losing you brings endless pain. To live this life would be in vain, I cannot take you back again.


In weighing scale I put you there, Just to know how precious you are dear. Your love that’s sweet your tender care, A treasure that’s beyond compare.


When i ask myself what’s all about, I don’t how to work it out. A man I am but still in doubt, Can i take you back or can i not?


I know it’s kind of hard to say, I love you still but there’s no way. My pride is up can’t bend my knee, Though pain is coming deep in me.


If you could hear my heart speak, And listen how strong the beat. You thought you need to have never left, You’ll know you are my happiness


I am certain the best thing I must do, Is lift my feet and follow you. Open my mouth to let you know, My heart will only be for you.


And finally I made up my mind, I always will never waste my time. For hurting you I was so shades, And once again, could you be mind?


When i told myself I was in doubt, To take you back or can i not? It’s not because my love had stopped, Setting you free, that’s all about.


I wish that whenever you’ll be away, You will enjoy life’s happy day. With someone’s arm you’ll be safe one of these days, And he will dry your tears away.


But that is not the way it must be, To see those tears, its hard for me. The pain I cause I’ll chase them away, You know I love you anyway.


Wherever you maybe my love, In my arms do please come back. I’ll repair and mend your broken heart, Because you are my spouse.


And if you don’t come back to me, The seven seas I cruise trip away. I’ll travel far for you to see, How much I’d like to see you here with me. Read More sweet quotes for her

I think I really need advice,
From a friend to help me realize,
To show step together with loving guide
And take you back only at my side.
Can i take you back or can i not? The answer is clear no one can stop,
I made up my mind to to take you back, With the magic of making up!
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