Easily Replace a Toilet Seat Hinge

A toilet seat hinge may seem like a small thing to worry about but just one missing hinge can cause a great deal of discomfort in the bathroom and it could even lead to injury by causing someone to fall off of the seat. While most seats come with the hinges, you don’t want to have to buy an entire seat if there is a missing or broken hinge.

A toilet seat hinge may be made of plastic, chrome, or another material. When you need to replace one or both of them it will be a good idea to take the old one to the store with you so you can get the right kind and size. Some people don’t realize that you can purchase the hinges without buying a new toilet seat and so they replace the entire seat when just one hinge breaks. However, if your seat is still in good condition it is far less expensive to just buy a hinge.

If you are not sure how to replace your hinge you will find a lot of information online to see you through this project. In fact, there are even videos of do-it-yourselfers replacing their own seat hinge. All you will need is a screwdriver and a few minutes time and you can once again secure your toilet seat to the base of the toilet.

Sometimes, the hinge isn’t even broken but the bolt that holds it on has loosened and this can make the seat slide. If the hinge that holds your seat on has become loose then you may want to go ahead and tighten it before it does break. This can easily be accomplished using a screwdriver.

You can buy a seat hinge online and have your choice of several different types. Just take care to measure carefully and make sure that you are getting the kind that you need. Also, be sure and read the return policy of the website you do business with to make sure you can return it if it turns out to be the wrong kind.

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